3D Printing’s Impact on Sustainability: Article on GreenLivingIdeas

3D printing – what is it, who’s getting in on it, and what does it mean for consumers?

You may have heard about this modern printing technology, which is impacting everything from the military to health care to the fidget spinner craze. But do you really know what it’s all about?

3D printing is the process by which three-dimensional objects are printed from a digital, computer model, usually by laying numerous thin layers of a material down in a successive pattern. It is also called an additive manufacturing process, although the term “3D printing” is certainly more popular among the general public. And it’s changing the technology game in more ways than one.

One of 3D printing’s most exciting features is the positive impact it can have on the environment. Indeed, many experts believe that 3D printing will revolutionize sustainable design.

In traditional manufacturing, products are made in large quantities at a central facility and shipped around the world. 3D products can be made as needed — and locally, reducing the fossil fuel consumption needed to transport goods across long distances.

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